Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rats and Foxes seen on Broadway

Despite repeated calls to the Environmental Health Department at Leeds City Council by local residents the waste pictured on Broadway has yet to be collected.

Reports of Rats and Foxes are now being received and neighbours are worried about the risk to health.

No one in the Council will take responsibility for this problem and the "Bin Men" refuse to empty or remove any of the waste.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Local parents demand "Zero tolerance" to protect Horsforth school children.

Following the recent accident outside St Margaret's Primary School when a small child was injured the school has taken the initiative to stop selfish parents parking dangerously. Each day in term time a staff member positions "No Parking" cones all around the boundary to the school. This has immediately resolved the problem and potentially saved lives.

Now parents of children at Broadgate Lane, St Mary's and Newlaiths Primary schools are demanding the same response.

Many parents who have contacted our campaign website are demanding a "Zero tolerance"  approach to anyone parking dangerously outside of Horsforth Schools. Photographs are now being taken and passed on to our PCSOs for direct action. Recent visits resulted in fixed penalty notices being issued to offending vehicles.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Another problem solved!

 Towns Street to rear of Dixieland Chicken before....

...and after our group became involved!

On the 23rd of January we were contacted by Peter Mallott of Horsforth in Bloom regarding an eyesore and potential health hazard to the rear of food premises on Town Street. An amazing 78 posts were received on our Facebook page Following several visits to site by various members and Councillor John Garvanis support, the whole area has now been tidied up. Thank you everyone involved.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Enough is Enough !

Brian Cleasby pictured right with loosing team.
Councillor Brian Cleasby has been defeated in his attempt to gain a seat on Horsforth Town Council. Elderly Brian Cleasby who was widely blamed for the closure of the Stanhope Drive Youth Club and lives in Rawdon was defeated by Janice Pritlove a local NHS worker and Horsforth resident. The by-election in the Broadfields ward was called following the resignation of local man John Hardcastle.
Full Results
Pritlove Labour 192
Cleasby Liberal 173
O'Callaghan Conservative 80

Thursday, 5 December 2013

They are starting to listen to us in Leeds!

Top of Long Row before we campaigned for improvements.

Top of Long Row after our Campaign.
Our Campaign group was contacted in the Summer by many local residents nominating the Top of Long Row as the street in Horsforth "In the worst state of repair"
Following a sustained campaign to resolve the situation, Leeds City Council has finally resurfaced the entire area. Thanks to everyone who helped and thank you to Leeds City Council Highways Department.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Santa Claus is coming!

Latest news! For all Horsfordians...

Somebody very special is coming...

Saturday 7th December at 15:30 hours The Green, Town Street, Horsforth. Christmas lights switch on.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Great News! Christmas is going to be wonderful in Horsforth!

We have had confirmation from Councillors Neil Hunt and Richard Hardcastle that the Horsforth Town Council will be providing the funds for a Christmas Tree on the Green this year.

In December of 2011  Leeds City Council decided to withdraw funding for our Christmas Tree. This resulted in a significant campaign on this site to get Horsforth Town Council to ensure that the children of Horsforth got their Christmas back.

This is a fantastic result for the people of Horsforth. Thank you to all concerned.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Another great result for our Group!

St James's flats before we shamed Leeds into action.

St James flats now!
Following on from our recent focus on the St James's area. We have been contacted this morning by a grateful resident who reports that Leeds City Council has finally succumbed to our pressure, and built a neat and tidy compound for the recycling and waste bins!
This is a fantastic result. Thank you to everyone in the group who has supported our campaign.

Friday, 21 June 2013

News update - Horsforth Lib - Dems fight back!

We have just heard from a leading local Lib - Dem activist that Councillor Christopher Townsley's wife Margaret (above right) is no longer in line to succeed elderly Brian Cleasby as candidate for the Horsforth ward at the next election.

This follows as a direct result of pressure from local party members and criticism online suggesting nepotism and greed.

Good News for Horsforth...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Breaking News... Local Councillor wants more!

We have just received a communication from a disgruntled Horsforth Liberal Democrat who informs us that Councillor Chris Townsley has arranged for his wife Margaret to succeed the elderly Councillor Brian Cleasby when he stands down from office in 2014! Margaret will be the candidate at the following election for the Lib Dems.

This makes two snouts in the same trough!

This clear attempt to increase the family income has upset many local activists and is seen as a disgrace by many Horsfordians.

Especially when so many local people are seeing their incomes reduce!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Leeds City Council grit lorry wrecks showroom!

Following the recent snowfall in Horsforth a Leeds City Council Grit lorry was seen allegedly speeding along Long Row when it lost control and crashed into the local Motor Car Showroom.

Local residents had previously reported the grit lorry as driving dangerously fast and in an aggressive manner.

Luckily no one was injured this time.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Local residents "disapointed" with secretive Town Councillors

Local residents have again accused Horsforth Town Council of being "Secretive" and letting down the people of Horsforth.

In an open letter to the Council one resident says-

"I am a long standing Horsforth resident feeling somewhat let down, disappointed and disillusioned by the Town Council persay.

By just walking around my local area I see ASB, drug use, excessive drinking, public houses clearly flouting the licensing laws, the decline in street cleansing - excessive litter, dog fouling/chewing gum and graffitti. Not to mention the appaling condition many of our pavements and roads are in all seem in free fall in decline and deprivation.

Since the end of 2012 I have actively engaged with the local PCSO's and NPT which has seen a greater visible presence on our streets resulting in much of the ASB declining/eradicated altogether, drug using/dealing concerns addressed and speeding concerns tackled. I have contacted Leeds City Council and asked them to address the street cleaning issue whilst progress in this area is slow it has improved. Although the wider issue of prosecution of the perpetrators/ dog owners needs to be dealt with rather then just sending street cleaners to clean up after them periodically this does not tackle the route cause - it should not be happening at all.

By opening my eyes, ears and mouth I have proactively and swiftly tackled many local concerns I am one person who happens to work circa 50 hours per week and have a demanding lifestyle I have little time to be tackling issues which quite frankly should be picked up and addressed by our local town councillors. At present my personal opinion is that unless there is some PR / Media interest in it for the Town Council you are positively closed and disconnected to local concerns. I should not have to be doing what I am doing as that is why we have a local town council to maintain standards and address local issues is it not? to effectively bridge the gap between local residents and Leeds City Council so that local residents do not have to concern themselves with such issues. I do not see you as a proactive, useful resource at present which saddens me.

These are some issues I require assistance with:

•The streets to be cleaner ie. the dog mess to be eradicated and perpetrators dealt with effectively

•As above but with chewing gum our pavements are littered with it

•Following the weekend there is always piles of human sick on town street / Long Row

•Street lighting on Broadgate Lane is virtually none existant

•To maintain links with the PCT / NPT to ensure local concerns and 'hot spot' areas are tackled proactively before our more vulnerable members of the community are fearful to leave their homes after dark

•I understand the local bus services are to be cut/altered making it difficult for people to access neighbouring towns and villages

Overall a more visible presence of 'our town councillors' is required and not just at voting time! you should be working for your votes and supporters 365 days a year! I struggle to get to you because of the hours I work over the years I have tried to be an active member of the Town Council my last attempt was June time 2012 I was dismissed and given incorrect information.

Come on Horsforth Town Council get your act together if I am seeing the area decline rapidly than you must see the same! stop the rot now! I cannot do it all by myself. Confidence in you amongst local people is rapidly on the decline only you can save it and stop it going any further you can do this by been more receptive, engaging, visible and proactive! Rebranding the library was nice but that
doesnt help with those too scared to leave their homes around Low Lane because of the ASB in the area... it doesnt clear up the dog dirt on our pavements..."

There is feeling that Horsforth deserves better for the additional rates we pay into the Town Council and that it should be more open and accountable.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thank you for listening!

Back in August we asked if a local  Council owned building could be named after the Brownlee brothers to celebrate their wonderful sucess at the Olympic Games.

It is fantastic to see that the Old Library at the top of Town Street has been re-dedicated "Brownlee Stone Centre" to celebrate these great Horsfordians. Well done to all concerned!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Two down One to go!

                                              Horsforth councillors, Cllr Chris Townsley, Cllr Andrew Barker and Cllr Brian Cleasby.

Breaking News!

We have just received word that following on from Andrew Barkers shock de-selection by local Liberal Democrats prior to the May 2011 election that Brian Cleasby will not be seeking re-election when his term ends in 2014!

Cleasby does not even live in Horsforth and never has!

The old age pensioner was once dubbed one of "Britain’s most well-travelled council officials" by The Times, when they revealed that as well as trips to Beijing and Hangzhou  taxpayers also stumped up £4,832 for Cleasby and his wife, Jo, to fly business class to Durban, the South African city that is twinned with Leeds and renowned for its warm climate and surf.!

In the year to March 2012 Cleasby received a staggering £16,158.21 in allowances....