Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Horsforth deserves a Christmas Tree this year !

2011 was the first time in decades that Horsforth was without its traditional Christmas Tree situated on The Green. Local residents felt that yet again they had been "Let down by Leeds!"

Local activists have gathered this year to demand that our Councillors do not let down the children of Horsforth again.

We issue this challenge "Show us that you really do care, not just at election time and make sure we get our Christmas Tree"

Now is the time to make it happen with four months left to go....



Word just in from Horsforth Town Councillor, we are to get our tree on the green!!!

Well done everyone who has lobied the Council, a great result for Horsforth!


  1. Given the thousands of £ spent on Christmas trees around the city, I'll happily forgo it if someone get to keep their job for Christmas.

  2. Well done Bob! Keep the pressure on them, they promised us one last year...(but they are politicians and politicians lie!)

  3. Start a facebook pressure group Bob.

  4. A tree and lights would make the population of Horsforth feel more proud and visitors welcome on our High Street. Surely a good thing in our current climate. It would save the embarrassment of explaining the "why not" to our children and give joy to all.

  5. This is a result for people power, it is a pity however that Leeds City Councillors have not funded one as we hoped...!

  6. Well done Bob, you shamed them in to giving us what we wanted! Well done lad...