Thursday, 6 September 2012

Snouts in the trough continued! Leeds shamed again

MP Greg Mulholland helps a constituent's business to make brewing history.

IPSA have released this year’s expenses figures for Members of Parliament and this years most greedy claimant is Leeds Liberal Democrat M.P Greg Mulholland!

Beating every other M.P in the country with an eye watering £188,783.

This is just for expenses and does not include his own salary! Outrageous!!

By my calculations, Mulholland claims over £500 per DAY EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!


  1. I think I might want to be an MP, beats working for a living!

  2. How come it is always the same party at the top of the claiming list? Greedy in my opinion...

  3. Looks well dodgy to me!!

  4. Greedy little piggy...

  5. Greedy hog! Nice eyebrows though.. giggle