Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Breaking News... Local Councillor wants more!

We have just received a communication from a disgruntled Horsforth Liberal Democrat who informs us that Councillor Chris Townsley has arranged for his wife Margaret to succeed the elderly Councillor Brian Cleasby when he stands down from office in 2014! Margaret will be the candidate at the following election for the Lib Dems.

This makes two snouts in the same trough!

This clear attempt to increase the family income has upset many local activists and is seen as a disgrace by many Horsfordians.

Especially when so many local people are seeing their incomes reduce!


  1. If this is true, then I will never vote for either of them ever again. It is greed. He must be ready for his pension now. I bet he will get a fat pension of the Council and she will claim everything going. How dare they? I am fuming!

  2. Can't understand why you see the spouse of an existing Councillor also standing for the Council as a problem.
    This has happenned on many other occasions and across all 3 main parties.

    There are plenty of reasons for not having a Margaret Townsley as a Lib Dem Councillor, the fact her husband is already a Councillor is not one of them.

  3. So we pay for Two and efectively get one! Greedy troughers..

  4. Well at least they will be able to afford (yet another) cruise when they double the expenses they have coming in...

  5. I live on the same street, they are not very nice people...

    So this does not surprise me at all. Greed!