Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Another great result for our Group!

St James's flats before we shamed Leeds into action.

St James flats now!
Following on from our recent focus on the St James's area. We have been contacted this morning by a grateful resident who reports that Leeds City Council has finally succumbed to our pressure, and built a neat and tidy compound for the recycling and waste bins!
This is a fantastic result. Thank you to everyone in the group who has supported our campaign.


  1. I live in those flats, thank you Bob. No one usually cares about us in Woodside. You are a legend!

  2. you need to come and look in the square behind blocks 23 and 25 its a tip not enough bins provided for 16 flats and some resident need instuctions on how to lift a bin lid and put the bin bag inside not leave it on the floor infront of the bin or on the bin lid for other people to put in for them and one family wont even walk to the bin to put rubbish in they stand on the bridge and throw it over they throw empty pop cans and bottles sweet wrappers crisp packets and half eaten take aways allover garage site grass areas and square