Friday, 13 December 2013

Enough is Enough !

Brian Cleasby pictured right with loosing team.
Councillor Brian Cleasby has been defeated in his attempt to gain a seat on Horsforth Town Council. Elderly Brian Cleasby who was widely blamed for the closure of the Stanhope Drive Youth Club and lives in Rawdon was defeated by Janice Pritlove a local NHS worker and Horsforth resident. The by-election in the Broadfields ward was called following the resignation of local man John Hardcastle.
Full Results
Pritlove Labour 192
Cleasby Liberal 173
O'Callaghan Conservative 80


  1. The Lib Dems are finally routed as a force in Horsforth, perhaps we can see some investment coming our way in the future at last!

  2. Elderly Brian Cleasby Lol